A Year (and a Baby) Later

So here we are . . . a year later. Just a few things have happened. Like a new baby.DSC_0046

Her name is Lyra Mae. She was born on April 23rd, so you know, almost a month ago. I’m so on top of things.

Seriously though, if I could explain to you all exactly how much my life has changed, how much I’ve changed, I’d probably start to cry. These past few weeks have been the best of my entire life. And I never thought I would say that while having a newborn! Newborn was a really hard stage for me with Frederick, but now I see how quickly it’s over. I see how fast he went from a squishy, helpless blob to this wonderful little boy who is almost two (TWO!).

Speaking of Frederick, he loves Lyra. Adores her, really. He spends a large part of his day stroking her hair, sharing his toys with her, and trying to hug her. She’s been punched and headbutted a few times in the process; we’re still working on soft touches. But honestly, he looks at her like she hung the moon. It’s the best.


She’s not entirely sure about him yet, though.

IMG_20150504_105952We’re all enamored with her. She’s beautiful. She’s got great hair. She sleeps and eats well. She has the cutest sleep grins you’ll ever see. She is so cuddly and warm. There was a Lyra-shaped hole in our family, and now it’s filled.

I went out for a drive the other night, and then realized that I couldn’t wait to get back home. I was going home to everything I once dreamed about: an amazing husband, two beautiful children, a perfect job, a great apartment. Apparently, my life can only be described in good adjectives. I really never knew I could be this happy. I’m completely aware of how sappy I sound, and I don’t even care. After years of struggling with abuse and depression, I’m fully ready to embrace my sappy, awesome life. And I’m ready to write about it more too. So get ready for more of this cuteness:


Thanks for being patient. I can’t wait to jump back in and share our (awesome, amazing, crazy, perfect) life with you.


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