Frederick Rides on a Train

Frederick had the best day of his life on Monday. We had the whole day free because of the holiday, so I went online to find something fun to do. And I found the most magical thing the mother of a train-obsessed toddler could find: a real live train ride. The Heber Valley Railroad was having its Wild West Days, complete with gun-totin’ actors who pretended to rob the train, but really just handed out chocolate coins, pony rides, face painting, a fiddler, and a sing-along to old West songs.

Frederick was in heaven.20150525_143653 20150525_132112 20150525_132716 20150525_133314 20150525_133443_HDR-1 20150525_135650I wish I had brought my DSLR camera, but you’ll have to settle for cell phone pictures. I also took several awesome videos of how excited Frederick was. It was honestly the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He learned the word train (“ween”) that day and said it about 50,000 times.

I could not love this kid more!20150525_134417_HDR


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