Frederick’s Second Birthday

DSC_0199Can you even believe this kid is two?

He, honestly, is the best thing since sliced bread. I cannot get enough of his big dimples and his infectious laugh. We have daily giggle fits and I can’t wait for the day Lyra joins in.

We had already done his real birthday gift (hello, a real train ride!), so we just chilled on his actual birthday. We did all of his favorite things: ate french toast, watched Blues Clues, hung out with farm animals (in the above picture, he had just finished yelling “NEIGH” at a horse), and spending time with family. He had a blast at the farm. He’s currently learning animal sounds and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever. We sang “Happy Birthday” to him four different times. He gets so excited when people sing, like he can’t believe that we all know the same song.


Frederick is making sure Daddy knows that there are real, actual horses pulling the wagon.


He spent most of the ride with a huge grin on his face.


Both sets of grandparents were on the same page and got blocks … which he loves!

Needing cuddles after getting splashed.

Needing cuddles after getting splashed.

He hasn't quite got present opening down.

He hasn’t quite got present opening down.

I adore this stage that he’s in. I love how his face goes quiet when he enters observation mode. I love watching him figure out something new and then repeat it until he gets it right. I love that he always tries to do something on his own, but also asks for help when he needs it. And more than anything, I love how much he loves other people. The way he looks at Travis and Lyra totally tugs at my heart. He’s so open and trusting of people, even total strangers. He always signs “please” or “thank you” when we ask him to, and while he struggles to say hello, he’ll always wave goodbye to anyone or anything—people, cars, playground equipment, you name it.

There is no better part of my day than the moment I’m walking out his door at bedtime and I turn around and blow him a kiss, and then watch him drop whatever he’s got in his hands—water bottle, pacifier, stuffed kitten—and blow a kiss right back.

I am so unbelievably lucky to have this little boy in my life. Happy birthday, Frederick!DSC_0350


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