All about Lyra

20150610_143904Lyra turned seven weeks old yesterday, and a few days ago, I caught her first smile.

Her first documented smile.

Her first documented smile.

She is honestly the sweetest thing. She rarely cries—though she definitely lets us know when she needs her diaper changed. She does not like wet diapers. She sleeps quite a lot still, and wakes up gently, usually with the above smile. She’s lukewarm about pacifiers, but she does like them on occasion. Honestly, she’s still a bit boring, but that’s mitigated by how warm and smushy she is.

Sleeping in Grandma's arms.

Sleeping in Grandma’s arms.

In her blessing dress.

In her blessing dress.


My mother loves her like crazy.


So does Frederick, I promise. He just loves her a bit more violently.

I’m enjoying this newborn phase so much more than I did with Frederick. It really helps to know that we’re finished having children. I’ll never have another baby this size, and now I’ve seen firsthand how quickly they go from tiny, helpless blobs to giant, sassy toddlers.

We’re in what some people call “the trenches” with a toddler and a newborn, but I find that I’m happier and more fulfilled than ever. It almost seems like there are more hours in the day than there were before. I count all the small little blessings that are really not small at all—beautiful, healthy children, a loving husband, a supportive family, and a happier me.

This is my family. It’s complete and it’s perfect.



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