Wedding Day—July 2009

Wedding Day—July 2009


My name is Jennie. I live in Salt Lake City with my husband, Travis, and our two children, Frederick and Lyra. I’m a part-time editor, full-time mother, and occasional blogger.

I make all sorts of mistakes and then publish them for the world to see because I know I’m not the only one who makes them. Every day I’m just trying to make my life better. Calmer. Simpler. Hopefully, you are here to do the same. Welcome.


Our Family—December 2013



8 thoughts on “About

  1. I just linked to your blog from Small Notebook. I love what you have to say about simplicity. My husband and I married last summer (I was 34 and he was 4@) and it’s a challenge to combine our stuff while trying to simplify. We’re getting there though.

  2. hey jennie, just linked to you via small notebook. thanx for your comment….will be back to visit your great blog again!! Happy Day!

  3. what a lovely blog, jennie! such a breath of fresh air! your quiet text and images managed to create a litle silent space in my head – quite a feat in the middle of a wild work day! thanks too for the comment-shout out – yours is my first! so here’s to more happy blogging for both of us! now back to Making a Home…

  4. Thank you Jennie,

    I also linked to your blog via small notebook. ‘Living without a microwave’ intrigued me. Wishing you well, in all that is going on in your life right now!

    Take time out if you can…chill, relax, have a massage, meditate and/or ………………… (Fill the space with your fave) 😉

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